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The Medical University Vienna offers a “Postgraduate Course in Toxicology” for graduates of human medicine, veterinary medicine, chemistry, biology, pharmacy, nutritional science and other studies in natural sciences.

The eighth University Course in Toxicology for postgraduates has started with summer-term 2016. Entry is possible at any time. For further information please click  here.

Some important advantages of the course are:

  • All lectures and course materials are in English

  • Extraoccupational program (66 lecture days during 3 years)

  • University degree as "Master of Science (Toxicology)"

  • Guaranteed places for all registered participants throughout the course.

  • Completion within 3 years

  • Module dates are agreed with participants if possible and announced in   good time

  • For continued education: Single modules can be booked if places are   available

Declare your interest by contacting: UCTOX@meduniwien.ac.at

Successful attendants are "Master of Science (Toxicology)". This education is part of the criteria necessary to register as "European Registered Toxicologist".

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