Toxicology Letters is the Official Journal of the Austrian Society of Toxicology. The international journal serves the rapid publication of novel reports on a range of aspects of toxicology, especially mechanisms of toxicity. Toxicology Letters serves as a multidisciplinary forum for research in toxicology. The prime aim is the rapid publication of research studies that are both novel and advance our understanding of a particular area. In addition to research reports, mini-reviews in various areas of toxicology will be published. Clinical, occupational and safety evaluation, legal, risk and hazard assessment, impact on man and environment studies of sufficient novelty to warrant rapid publication will be considered.

We strongly encourage our members to consider publishing their novel research outcomes in Toxicology Letters. In general, all authors can submit manuscripts to be published either as a subscription content (free of charge) or Open Access content (where regular Journal Open Access fee applies and must be covered by the authors). Currently an agreement between Elsevier and many Austrian Institutions covers the Open Access fees. In case ASTOX members are not covered by the agreement above please inquire for additional options with the chair.

We are currently working together with the journal on the Special Issue ”New approach methodologies (NAMs) and regulatory risk assessment”. Already published articles can be found here.

World Mycotoxin Journal is an affiliated Journal of ASTOX. Published four times per year by Wageningen Academic Publishers, World Mycotoxin Journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with only one specific area of focus: the promotion of the science of mycotoxins. The journal contains original research papers and critical reviews in all areas dealing with mycotoxins and its impact to human and animal health, together with opinions and book reviews. The journal takes a multidisciplinary approach, and it focuses on a broad spectrum of issues, including human and animal toxicology, risk assessment, worldwide occurrence, modelling and prediction of toxin formation, genomics, molecular biology for control of mycotoxigenic fungi, pre-and post-harvest prevention and control, analytical methodology and sampling, analytical methodology and quality assurance, food technology, economics and regulatory issues. World Mycotoxin Journal is intended to serve the needs of researchers and professionals from the scientific community and industry, as well as of policy makers and regulators.

Benefits for ASTOX members include 20% discount on the regular price for a personal e-subscription and a 15% discount on the fee for Open Access, provided that the corresponding author of a submitted paper is an ASTOX member. For additional informations, please contact the chair.