Registration / ERT

In order to achieve uniformly high standards in the training and qualification of toxicologists throughout Europe, EUROTOX has defined criteria according to which qualified toxicologists can be recognized as European Registered Toxicologists (ERT). EUROTOX (European Societies of Toxicology) is the association of national societies of toxicology in Europe with a combined membership of more than 7000 and ensures, among other things, uniformly high standards in training.

The Austrian Society of Toxicology has provided this recognition to its appropriately qualified members since 1998. The Austrian Register of Toxicologists was founded in 2007/8 as AR-TOX and is registered in the list of European Registers by EUROTOX. This allows AR-TOX members to use the protected professional titles “Registrierte/r Toxikologin/e AR-TOX” and “European Registered Toxicologist (ERT)”. The AR-TOX is responsible for registration according to specific procedural rules as specified by EUROTOX (Procedural Rules 2023).

To be recognized, ERT candidates must have a relevant degree, extensive theoretical training, at least five years of practical toxicological activity. They have to be professionally active as toxicologists and regularly undergo further training in their field.

If you would like to apply for inclusion in the register of “European Registered Toxicologist” at AR-TOX, please contact Prof. Dr. Doris Marko or Dr. Reinhard Stidl.

Our society has experienced university scientists and graduate toxicologists with international recognition by EUROTOX as ERTs. A list (as of January 2024) of all ERTs currently available in Austria and their expertise can be found here. You can contact them directly by email.